Learn the Feldenkrais® method of movement intelligence in York

“Make the impossible possible, the possible easy and the easy elegant.” - Moshe Feldenkrais

I teach sensing-and-movement lessons to move with flow and still your mind.

They use the Feldenkrais® method (say ‘Felden-crice’) - a somatic mind-brain-body approach to moving, changing and growing with ease and without effort. There are two types of lesson, suitable for all ages and abilities.

In both lessons, you learn like infants do, with curiosity and comfort, taking cues from your senses. You try out new or forgotten movement patterns while feeling new sensations. New neural pathways are formed in the sensory and motor nervous systems. At the same time, you start to let go of tension, tightness and strain. Bit by bit you improve and your options open up. You have more co-ordination, skill, ease and effectiveness in your actions - everyday or special ones for sport, work or pastimes.

In Awareness Through Movement® mat classes the teacher guides you (with words) to tune into your body and sensations, while you try out gentle movement sequences - lying down, sitting or standing.

Individual Functional Integration® lessons are tailored to each learner. The teacher joins with your easy movements through touch and guides you to sense and explore new movement possibilities that integrate your whole body and relate to functions (actions) that interest you.

See what happens in class

Watch an Awareness Through Movement® class to see what happens and hear from learners why they love it so much.

Watch baby Liv learn to move with no effort or muscle power, but with curiosity and co-ordination. In class, we also listen to our body’s wisdom, to improve bit by bit.