Improving movement, improving life

“Movement is life. Life is a process. Improve the quality of the process and you improve the quality of life itself.”

At Smooth Moves Lab my aim is to improve movement – for everybody. I want you to feel freed up to enjoy all the activities you want to do, to move through your day with fluidity and without restriction.

You do not have to be born bendy or do stretching routines to move with ease. By engaging your brain, mind and body together, it is possible to improve from any starting point. I take a holistic approach to moving and living with more ease and less effort. Anybody can move better and feel better.

People of all ages and abilities learn how to de-stress, let go of tension and tightness, while they increase co-ordination. People recovering from pain, illness or injury learn to move again with ease and regain their confidence. Expert movers can refine co-ordination skills and movement effectiveness even further.

Gentle classes for a more agile, skilful body and calm, flexible mind

“When you know what you are doing you can do what you want.”

I teach gentle and calming mat classes, Awareness Through Movement, where you can explore your whole self (body and mind), with movement as the medium.

Lessons adopt a softly, softly approach, immersing you in the moment, mindfully. You are guided to explore easy and novel movement patterns, with an emphasis on curiosity and attention.

In this way, you increase sensitivity to yourself, identify unhelpful habits and fine-tune co-ordination. You start to rely on your body’s own wisdom. The result is more mobility, skill, balance and power.

This style of class is part of the Feldenkrais® method - a holistic, mind-brain-body approach to moving and learning with maximum ease and minimum effort. In these classes, we move and learn organically, relying on our senses, as infants do. Books and articles celebrate its benefits.

What actually happens in class?

Two videos show how we learn in class.

Watch an Awareness Through Movement class to see what happens and hear from students why they love it so much.

Watch baby Liv as she learns - like us in class - to move without effort or muscle power, but with curiosity and co-ordination.