Feldenkrais - the method and the man

“Movement is life. Life is a process. Improve the quality of the process and you improve the quality of life itself.”

Moshe Feldenkrais

The Feldenkrais® method is a somatic mind-body practice which improves your skill in co-ordinating your limbs, spine, ribs, pelvis…so that all the parts of your body move smoothly and easily as a whole. Whether your goals are improving performance, pain reduction, or simply feeling better and de-stressing, Feldenkrais® offers a fascinating and effective approach. The Feldenkrais Guild has loads more information, articles and videos.

The originator, Moshe Feldenkrais (1904-84), was a gifted polymath who integrated many experiences into his method – as tutor, martial artist, engineer, student of human development and of neuroscience. A persistent knee injury set him on a lifelong exploration of the relationship between movement, awareness and healing.

Feldenkrais worked with people in a wide range of situations - from infants with cerebral palsy to performers such as violinist Yehudi Menuhin and dramatist Peter Brook. He collaborated with thinkers from a range of disciplines. The breadth and precision of Dr Feldenkrais’ work has seen it applied in neurology, psychology, performing arts, sports and rehabilitation.