Teaching the Feldenkrais® method of movement intelligence in York

“Make the impossible possible, the possible easy and the easy elegant.”

I practice and teach the Feldenkrais® method - a holistic, mind-brain-body approach to moving, learning and developing with maximum ease and minimum effort.

There are two ways to learn Feldenkrais®.

In group mat classes, called Awareness Through Movement® the teacher guides you verbally through gentle movement sequences while lying down, sitting or standing. You explore your whole self (body and mind), with movement as the medium and awareness as the primary means. In these classes, we move and learn organically, relying on our senses, as infants do. As we explore, we lay down new neural pathways and so have access to new options for moving and living. The lessons are suitable for everyone.

Individual Feldenkrais® lessons, called Functional Integration®, are tailored to each student’s individual learning needs; the teacher guides your movements through touch.

Books and articles celebrate the benefits of the method.

Watch what happens in class

Two videos show how we learn with the Feldenkrais Method.

Watch an Awareness Through Movement class to see what happens and hear from students why they love it so much.

Watch baby Liv as she learns to move without effort or muscle power, but with curiosity and co-ordination.