Julie, of Smooth Moves Lab

Julie Wrigley runs her Feldenkrais practice - Smooth Moves Lab - in the beautiful city of York.

She has never deemed herself ‘sporty’, though she has enjoyed dancing, yoga, windsurfing, martial arts and walking. For ten years Awareness Through Movement classes taught her how to balance the effects of a sedentary job - stress, stiff neck, shoulders and a sore back. She has enjoyed becoming more attuned to her own movement patterns and learning how to help herself with aches and pains. Best of all is the free and weightless feeling that comes at the end of a lesson.

Julie has trained for three years (600 hours+) and is qualified as a student teacher of Awareness Through Movement. In a further 12 months, she will be a full Feldenkrais practitioner - also offering individual hands-on Functional Integration lessons.