Finding Your Feet - a gentle workshop with the Feldenkrais method


Finding Your Feet - a gentle workshop with the Feldenkrais method


Sat 23rd March 2019


Max 10 people

3 hour exploration – includes 3 awareness through movement lessons, short break and refreshments

York Yoga Studio, 112 Acomb Road, York, YO24 4EY

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Go deeper and luxuriate with three hours of nourishing movement. Your feet will feel more flexible, your foundation firmer, your hips swingier and your whole self will feel greater ease. Useful for anyone who experiences challenges with their feet, knees, ankles or hips or who would like a walk with more spring, swing and resilience.

Your feet are your foundation. They are your interface with the ground. They are expected to bear your weight, adjust to varying surfaces and keep you in equilibrium.

Popular sayings suggest their importance as sources of resilience, adaptability and power – “stand on your own two feet”, “think on your feet” and “put your best foot forward”.

As babies, our feet start out with as much potential for agility as our hands. Yet, day to day, we get used to keeping feet relatively immobile within shoes. Ankle, knee and hip tightness or compensations can be related to an incomplete use of the feet.

In this workshop we will heighten your awareness of your feet, ankles’ and hips’ possibilities for co-ordinated movement. We will use minimum effort with maximum curiosity. You will sense a greater connection to the ground, a more effortless sense of balance from the bottom up and a walk with ease and power.

You will lie on mats on the floor and be guided through movement explorations. The teacher will help everyone be comfortable and answer questions about the method and why it works to improve mobility.

·       for all ages and abilities

·       melt away muscle tension

·       increase mobility and comfort

·       de-stress and feel grounded

·       for an agile body and flexible mind

This workshop will give you an unhurried way to explore this practical and effective movement method. You will be given handouts so you can replay some of the lessons at home.

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