Helping young and old, sporty and steady

“What I’m after isn’t flexible bodies, but flexible brains.”

Our classes can be enjoyed by all sorts of people.



Anybody can come to improve the movement niggles that can affect us all:

  • do day to day activities more effortlessly

  • melt away muscle tension, feel free and weightless

  • move with pleasure even as you recover from pain or injury

  • de-stress and feel grounded

  • gain confidence in moving fluently and nourishing yourself with movement


Elite performers and movers

Elite performers and movers can fine-tune their expertise:

  • singers, dancers, actors and musicians can take care of their instruments (themselves) as they refine their awareness

  • martial artists can feel free and light in action: a zero gravity sensation comes as your skeletal structure is better organised

  • sports and active people can tune into their own bodily wisdom to prevent injuries, lose unhelpful movement habits and make incremental gains

  • all can use familiar tools like visualisation and being in ‘flow’