“What I’m after isn’t flexible bodies, but flexible brains.”

Anybody, of any age, can move better and feel better. Done regularly, Feldenkrais movement lessons improve the quality of everyday actions - enhancing energy, balance, breathing, pleasure, resilience, freedom and well-being.


Anybody and everybody

Anybody can grow their potential, feel more in tune and improve movement niggles:

  • move with flow and skill

  • get better at activities, sports and daily life movements

  • dissolve muscle tension

  • still your mind

  • rely on your body’s cues


Expert performers and movers

Expert performers and movers can hone their body sense to fine-tune new patterns of moving and improve the organisation of their skeletal structure:

  • dancers, actors and musicians take care of their instruments (themselves)

  • martial artists feel free, light and effective, with a zero gravity sensation

  • sports- and active people prevent injuries and make incremental gains

  • all make use of effective mental tools like visualisation and being in ‘flow’


Leading an ‘Awareness Through Movement’ for World Meditation Day

Leading an ‘Awareness Through Movement’ for World Meditation Day

All classes are suitable for beginners.

I also run events for local charities to introduce people to the Feldenkrais method: like a recent mind and body well being afternoon, with funds for York Mind. People were new to ‘Awareness Through Movement’ - looking for relaxation, awareness, pain reduction and calm. The words show how they found the class. I also took part in a mass celebration of World Meditation Day with an ‘Awareness Through Movement’ session in York’s Museum Gardens - picture alongside.