Building movement intelligence for young and old, sporty and steady

“What I’m after isn’t flexible bodies, but flexible brains.”

Our classes can be enjoyed by all sorts of people of any age, so they can feel and function better in all aspects of their life, physically and emotionally.

You do not have to be born bendy or do stretching routines to move with ease. By engaging your brain, mind and body together, it is possible to improve from any starting point. I take a holistic approach to moving and living with more ease and less effort. Anybody can move better and feel better.


Anybody and everybody

Anybody can come to develop their physical potential, feel more in tune with themselves and improve the movement niggles that can affect us all:

  • move with more flow and skill

  • get better at activities, sports and the movements of daily life

  • melt away muscle tension, feel free and weightless

  • move with pleasure even as you recover from pain or injury

  • de-stress, feel calm and present, as your nervous system is re-set

  • gain confidence in moving fluently and nourishing yourself with movement

  • feel more like yourself…once again


Expert performers and movers

Expert performers and movers can fine-tune their co-ordination expertise as they develop their body sense and find new patterns of moving:

  • singers, dancers, actors and musicians can take care of their instruments (themselves) as they refine their awareness

  • martial artists can feel free, light and effective in action: a zero gravity sensation comes as your skeletal structure is better organised

  • sports and active people can tune into their own bodily wisdom to prevent injuries, find alternatives to unhelpful movement habits and make incremental gains

  • all can learn how to use familiar and effective mental tools like visualisation and being in ‘flow’


Leading an ‘Awareness Through Movement’ for World Meditation Day

Leading an ‘Awareness Through Movement’ for World Meditation Day

All my classes are suitable for beginners.

I also run events for local charities to introduce people to the Feldenkrais method: like a recent mind and body wellbeing afternoon, with funds for York Mind.

People had not been to ‘Awareness Through Movement’ before. They were looking for relaxation, awareness and calm; some faced stress, pain or injury. The words show how they found the class. I also took part in a mass celebration of World Meditation Day by leading an ‘Awareness Through Movement’ session in York’s Museum Gardens - picture alongside.

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