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Trying The Feldenkrais Method For Chronic Pain

"By becoming aware of how one’s body interacts with its surroundings and learning how to behave in less stressful ways, it becomes possible to relinquish habitual movement patterns that cause or contribute to chronic pain."

New York Times, Jane E Brody

The Feldenkrais Method And Neuroplasticity

"He developed a method that integrated the role of mental awareness, brain function and the body, to heal himself, and then others."

The Brain’s Way of Healing, Norman Doidge

Back Pain: How To Live With One Of The World’s Biggest Health Problems

“So if you have low back pain, what should you do? Ramin swears by Dr Stuart McGill’s Big Three exercises for stabilising the core… She also practises Feldenkrais, an approach that combines movement, breathing, body alignment and mindfulness.”

The Guardian, Moya Sarner

A Different Way To Relieve Years Of Back Pain

“In my first Feldenkrais class, we lay on our backs with eyes closed and drifted our eyeballs left to right... We shifted our heads from side to side… And at the end of that first class, I was surprised: I felt a little different, lighter. I could turn my neck a bit more to the left. My right hip moved more freely.“

The Washington Post, Lisa Rein

What Is The Feldenkrais Method & How Can It Help With Chronic Pain?

”If you've ever dealt with chronic pain, you know that there are few things more frustrating than waking up day after day with the same ache, no matter how much physical therapy you're doing or how many yoga classes you're taking.”

MindBodyGreen, Leigh Weingus

What’s All The Fuss About Feldenkrais?

“Feldenkrais has fans in Hollywood and in professional sports teams around the world. But does it actually work?”

The Jackal, Edwin Smith


What Is Feldenkrais?

“Feldenkrais is a way to help people to re-learn how they do simple everyday movements, from breathing to walking, to make these movements as easy and fluid as a child’s.”

Bristol 24/7, Shelagh O’Neill


When It Comes To Movement, Why Is There A Prevailing Idea That Faster And Stronger Is Always Better?

“Why do we glorify intense forms of fitness… over gentler forms of movement that are kinder to the body?…”

Irish Independent, Katie Byrne