SAT 10:30, York Pilates People - Sept & Oct (single classes or blocks available)


SAT 10:30, York Pilates People - Sept & Oct (single classes or blocks available)

from 10.00

Join us for Awareness Through Movement to grow your movement intelligence and come home to your body.

Places are limited to 8, so I can tailor the lesson to benefit you.

What happens in class

Explore novel movement patterns, alongside effective self-care strategies. We focus on easy and slow movements with an emphasis on awareness. It is mindfulness in motion.

Feel the benefits

In just one hour, feel greater vitality as you get a taste of how to use your body and mind in an entirely new way.

Over weeks, transform your possibilities as you:

  • melt away muscle tension

  • relieve pain

  • move with more ease and skill

  • be in your body in the moment

  • know yourself better

  • find calm

  • discover new possibilities for moving, learning and living

This term’s theme

This September / October term we will develop the theme of finding more space and length - in order to remind yourself what free movement feels like.

When worries weigh you down, routine tasks fix you to the spot or pain restricts you, then free movement feels elusive. Feldenkrais can bring improved movement, functionality and awareness through gentle guided movements.

Among other things, we will do Awareness Through Movement lessons for:

  • finding a long, mobile spine from top to tail 

  • making more space for breathing with a pliable rib cage and belly that expands

  • standing tall over your legs, through smooth synchrony of low back, pelvis and hip joints

If there is interest, I will send round lesson notes each week so you can play with the lesson for yourself at home. Or you can play with it for the first time, if you were unable to attend that week.


All classes take place at 10:30 and last for 50 minutes.

* denotes that this class is part of the York 50+ Festival - especially welcoming residents of all abilities and older ages.

Here are the 6 dates for the autumn term:

  • Sat 7 Sept

  • Sat 14 Sept

  • Sat 21 Sept*

  • Sat 28 Sept*


  • Sat 12 Oct

  • Sat 19 Oct

For flexibility, you can swap to the Friday class at York Yoga Studio if you cannot make your usual Saturday class or if there is no class at this venue on that particular week. Just let me know beforehand so I can confirm there is space.

Venue in York City Centre

  • York Pilates People, 2nd floor, 10 Clifford Street, York, YO1 9RD - enter round the side of the Daughter cafe, lift the handle upwards

To book

  • You don’t have to come every week. Just choose the number of classes you wish to attend this term

  • A block of 2 or more classes = £8 per class, cheaper than buying singly

  • Single class = £10

  • Use the first drop-down menu to choose the number of classes you wish

  • Use the second drop-down menu to choose the quantity (of places), e.g. 1 if just you or 2 if also booking for a friend

  • Then use the orange button to book and pay online

  • Or email to book your place and pay by cheque or BACS transfer instead

I look forward to seeing you on the mat.


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