FRI 10:45, 6-Week Block, York Yoga Studio (from 7 June)


FRI 10:45, 6-Week Block, York Yoga Studio (from 7 June)


Join this 6-week block of Awareness Through Movement in May to make lasting changes in the way you move and feel.

Places are limited so I can tailor the lesson to benefit you.

Explore novel movement patterns, alongside effective self-care strategies. We focus on easy and slow movements with an emphasis on awareness. It is mindfulness in motion.

In just one hour, feel greater vitality as you get a taste of how to use your body and mind in an entirely new way.

Over weeks, transform your possibilities as you:

  • let go of tension

  • relieve pain

  • move with ease and skill

  • inhabit your body in the moment

  • know yourself better

  • find calm

This term, we will explore lessons that highlight the stress-relieving, calming aspects of Awareness Through Movement. We will revisit primal movements that we learnt in our earliest years as we rediscover an easygoing, childlike approach to learning. We will refine our most basic movement patterns - rolling, transitioning from lying to other positions, bearing weight and locomoting - moving from A to B.

Each week, I send round lesson notes so you can replay the lesson for yourself at home. Or you can play with it for the first time, if you were unable to attend that week.


All classes take place at 10:45 and last for one hour.

  • Fri 7 June

  • Fri 14 June

  • Fri 21 June


  • Fri 5 July

  • Fri 12 July

  • Fri 19 July

For flexibility, you can swap to the Saturday class at York Pilates People if you cannot make your usual class. Just let me know beforehand so I can confirm there is space.

Venue in York (Holgate, Acomb area)

  • York Yoga Studio, 112 Acomb Road, York, YO24 4EY

To book

  • Choose the number of places using the drop-down menu and use the orange button to book and pay online for the course

  • Or email to book your place and pay by cheque or BACS transfer instead

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